With the teacher’s permission, a student may elect to exempt non-core subject exams and semester class exams with his or her parent’s permission and by meeting the following conditions:

* Has earned A’s in both nine week grading periods (and not had an Attendance Failure)

* Has not had an out-of-school suspension or an in-school suspension.

* Has not transferred in or out of the district or within the Leon County school system during the semester.

YOUR PARENT MUST give permission for you to exempt the exam to verify that you meet the above criteria for exemption, understand you must either attend the exam or remain off campus for the entire exam period, and take full responsibility for you leaving campus.

This paper must be signed and turned in before the exam or you will be expected to be in class during your scheduled exam. If I don’t have this paper signed and returned before the exam AND you are not in class during the scheduled exam time, you will earn an “F” on the exam even if you qualified for an exemption. THANK YOU!