937 by Don Zolidis

November 9th & 10th @ 7pm in the Leon Auditorium

Directed by Ashley Campbell & Tia Huettel

In May of 1939. Captain Gustav Schroeder pilots the SS St. Louis, a luxury ocean liner, away from its home port in Hamburg, Germany. His goal was to deliver 937 Jewish refugees out of the hands of Nazism and into the safe port of Havana, Cuba. But when Cuba is the first of several countries (including America) to deny the refugees safe harbor, a vicious Nazi plot is exposed. This historical drama chronicles the perseverance of the St. Louis' passengers and their struggle to find freedom, safety, and even, love. It is a heartbreaking story of betrayal and hope in one of history's darkest times.

This one act play will run November 9th & 10th at 7pm at Leon High School. Tickets are free but we will accept donations! Our production is a student directed one act chosen and directed by two Theatre 4 Honors Students, Ashley Campbell and Tia Huettel, and all aspects of the production from actors to technical crew positions are by students from the Theatre 4 Honors class. Both Ashley & Tia have lived in Germany for a small portion of their lives and this story was interesting to them as a piece of history they had never heard before and as a way to illustrate our 2018/19 Theatre season theme of “The stories are there if you listen…”

CONTENT WARNING: This show is based on REAL events and people from a terrible time in our history. There is frank talk of the atrocities of the Holocaust and the use of a gun to commit a violent act. Please be warned about this content and consider wisely the ages of children you may be bringing to the show. Thank you!

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