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LEON THEATRE strives to put on plays with a purpose. And our 2018 season theme of STRONG WIND, STRONG TREES will be brought to a level of personal responsibility with our Februray 23-24 performances of THE ARSONISTS. 

Max Frisch’s The Arsonists, in a new translation by Alastair Beaton, is a dark comedy that prompts serious questions and challenges individuals to come up with their own answers on how each one of us can become a STRONG TREE in the midst of STRONG WINDS and why our society needs such strength of individuals if it is to flourish. 

This post-WWII arsurdist farce was written in Germany and tells the story of Gottlieb Biedermann (loosely translated into “Everyman”), a well to do and slightly unethical businessman. Two strangers (who put the “strange” in stranger) worm their way into his home and attic. They even bring their own large containers of petrol. The Biedermann household is fairly sure that they are the arsonists who have already torched much of their small town. Biedermann’s self-imposed ignorance leads to him become an accomplice to his, and his entire town’s, downfall. This absurdist and funny play effectively displays the risk of shying away from political and social responsibility. At its essence, The Arsonists is a parable about accommodating the very thing that will destroy us.

Much like last year’s To Kill a Mockingbird, The Arsonists will challenge us to answer the questions… Can private and public morality be separated? Can we be decent people at home while ignoring the evils of the world? And who in the world would let an ex-wrestler bring 55 gallon drums of petrol into his attic?

It is Leon Theatre’s hope that this “moral play without a moral” will prompt the cast, crew, and audience to consider the state of our communities and how our actions and reactions affect the very soil around us. More than ever we need STRONG TREES that can stand up against the STRONG WINDS that threaten to blow us down or blow the flames higher around us. It is our intention that this play helps us all to grow a bit deeper into roots of action and caring for our communities and neighbors, no matter the cost…


Text the message @arsonist to the number 81010.
If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @arsonist to (321) 732-7356.

Thank you to all who auditioned for The Arsonists!  A very creative group of students showed up and the decision was VERY difficult. We could have cast this in several different ways because we had such strong choices made by everyone during auditions!

If cast in The Arsonists, you can pick up a contract and a rehearsal calendar from Mrs. Marshall. Also join the Remind group by texting @arsonist to the number 81010. Once your contract is signed, AND you have a notebook to put your script in, THEN you can pick up your script! 

The Arsonists by Max Frisch translated by Alistair Beaton
Director: Lea Marshall
Stage Manager: Ajzonee Williams and Naylen Easterling
Assistant Director: Kelsey Gilmore

Gottlieb Biedermann: Tait Treadwell
Babette Biedermann: Autumn Maxwell
Anna, the maid:  Kenara Brown

Josef Schmitz: Taveion Mickens
Billie Eisenring: John Malley

Police Officer/Chorus: Eddie Edgerson
Mrs. Knechtling: Mackenzie Geiger
Doctor of Philosophy:  Jamie Martinez

Firefighter Leader: Chorus (we will be dividing up the lines during our first YELLOW rehearsal. I have some really exciting ideas for the Chorus!!!)

Fire Chief Tia Huettel: and her team Sarai Johnson, Emma Bryson, Presley Allen, Mary Neel 

Fire Chief Devin Kimber: and his team Morgan Hardenburg, Sam Scriven, Maggie Watson, Jordan Jackson, Mackenzie Geiger

Fire Chief Zira Brown: and her team Genesis Nerys, Cate Bilbrey, Evan Treadwell, Eddie Edgerson 


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