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Our Leon Theatre Spring Show will be Brainstorm! It is a *devised theatre piece based on a framework highlighting the process of development of YOUR teenage brain!

Auditions will run for two afternoons 3:00-5:00, MONDAY, JAN 14th and WEDNESDAY, JAN 16th. YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT BOTH AUDITIONS for Tech and Actor auditions.

EVERYONE will participate in a workshop on MONDAY, JAN. 14th 3:00-5:00 and if you would like to audition for an acting role, you will prepare an original piece (based off the workshop activity) and present it on WEDNESDAY, JAN 16th 3:00-4:30 (on Monday you will sign up for an audition time slot for the Wednesday Auditions.)

TECH positions will meet on Wednesday 3:00-4:30 with our Technical Director, Caden Wessner and be given a timeline and talk through all aspects of Tech Crew planning.

TECH CREW & ACTORS will be meeting for the devising process of the play throughout January (a schedule will be given out with contracts on FRIDAY, JAN 18th.)

We will talk more about the process of devising theatre at our first workshop! If you look at the definition of DEVISED THEATRE you will see that is vital for TECH CREW & ACTORS to work out the moments & story as we create our show!!!

DEVISING will run 2 afternoons a week through January 22- February 9th. Then rehearsals will be 3-4 afternoons for actors February 12th- March 15th. The Tech calendar will be set by our Technical Director. Tech week will be March 25-29th. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE EVERY AFTERNOON/EVENING TECH WEEK OR YOU CANNOT BE A PART OF THIS SHOW!

We will not have rehearsals during Spring Break!

Show dates will be MARCH 29th @ 7pm and MARCH 30th @ 3pm and 7pm.

BRING your cell phone or some device that takes photos with you to the BRAINSTORM WORKSHOP on Monday, Jan. 14th and meet in the Auditorium at 3pm that afternoon! I am looking forward to creating this show will all of your brains!!!

* Devised theatre - frequently called collective creation - is a method of theatre-making in which the script originates from collaborative work by a performing ensemble. The ensemble is typically made up of actors, but other categories of theatre practitioner may also be central to this process of generative collaboration, such as visual artists; indeed, in many instances, the contributions of collaborating artists may transcend professional specialization. This process is similar to that of commedia dell'arte and street theatre. It also shares some common principles with improvisational theatre; however, in devising, improvisation is typically confined to the creation process: by the time a devised piece is presented to the public, it usually has a fixed form.

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