Dear Parents,

Click on the RED MEDICATION FORMS BUTTON to find the forms necessary for your student to have medication on the Thespian District Field Trip. We are alerting you to these NEW MEDICATION forms early so you’ll have a chance to get them signed by your physician, if necessary. Please have these forms completed and turn them in with your students medications at check in on the morning of the field trip. A PARENT MUST TURN IN THE MEDICATION. THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE STUDENT.

The above red button will take you to the Leon Clinic Website and all the forms are on that page (permission form for medication(s) to be administered, and a permission form for a student carrying medication, like an EpiPen or insulin.)

Please note a couple of important points:

Medication Instructions for OVERNIGHT TRIPS:

  • The Clinic will be open to receive medication for students on the Districts trip the day prior to the trip from 7:15-3:00, and the day of the trip from 7:15- 10:30 a.m. The bus leaves at 12 noon. All medication and documentation needs to be turned in prior to 10:30.

  • All medication must have the proper medication permission form attached for EACH medication. Forms can be found by clicking the red button above.

  • If your student needs to carry their inhaler, Epi-Pen or insulin, a separate Carry Permit must be delivered to Mrs. Kaven. CARRY PERMITS MUST BE SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN.

  • All medication must be brought to Mrs. Kaven by a parent, even if the student is 18, and even if it is for an over the counter medication. Medication found on a student (except that which has a Carry Permit form on file) will be confiscated.

  • Medication MUST be in its original prescription bottle.

  • Over the counter medication needs to be in a sealed package. If your child needs Tylenol, pick up a small travel size. WE WILL NOT BRING, NOR PURCHASE, OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION ON THE TRIP FOR STUDENTS TO USE “JUST IN CASE”. If you think your student will need something, send it in.

  • ONLY SEND THE AMOUNT OF MEDICATION NECESSARY FOR THE TRIP, not the entire month’s prescription, as each pill will need to be counted in….and counted out… at Midnight on Sunday!


  • Please stress to your students that they will need to get with the medication person when it is time for their medication. By health regulation we have a slot of time by which we can actually issue medication. (For example: a medication designated to be taken at 1:00 can only be given between 12:30 and 1:30 by Health Dept. standards.) Variances from this will require additional paperwork/phone calls/or perhaps missing a dose. It is the STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY to get with the medication person on time for their doses.

Thank you for your attention to this. We look forward to a great trip.

Erin E. Kaven


Leon High School

(850) 617-5701