Dear Parents,

Click on the RED MEDICATION FORMS BUTTON to find the forms necessary for your student to have medication on the Thespian District Field Trip. We are alerting you to these NEW MEDICATION forms early so you’ll have a chance to get them signed by your physician, if necessary. Please have these forms completed and turn them in with your students medications at check in on the morning of the field trip. A PARENT MUST TURN IN THE MEDICATION. THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE STUDENT.

The enclosed PDF (ABOVE IN THE RED BUTTON) contains a letter from Superintendent Hanna, along with a permission form for medication(s) to be administered, and a permission form for carrying medication. Finally there is a release of information.

Please note a couple of important points:

1. ALL medication, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be turned into the designated medical personnel at the beginning of the field trip with a permission form for EACH MEDICATION. NO MEDICATION is allowed to be carried by a student unless there is a PHYSICIAN SIGNED CARRY FORM on file with the designated person. THE ONLY MEDICATIONS THAT ARE ALLOWED BY A CARRY PERMIT ARE DIABETIC MEDICATIONS, INHALERS AND EPI-PENS. If a student is found with medication it will be confiscated.

2. All medications necessary for a student on the field trip MUST come in their original prescription bottle or over-the counter-bottle. DO NOT bring medication in a baggy or other container. You may put all your child’s medication bottles in a baggie if they have more than one medication. WE WILL count each pill so please do not bring your bottle of 90 pills. Keep your extras at home and only bring the amount needed for the trip in the original prescription or OTC bottle. If your student requires Tylenol, for example, you might want to pick up the travel size of 12 and leave it sealed. We will be counting all medication early that morning. so we don’t want mass quantities to have to be counted (and recounted back to you at the end of the trip!)

3. Please stress to your students that they will need to get with the medication person when it is time for their medication. By health regulation we have a slot of time by which we can actually issue medication. (For example: a medication designated to be taken at 1:00 can only be given between 12:30 and 1:30 by Health Dept. standards.) Variances from this will require additional paperwork/phone calls/or perhaps missing a dose. It is the STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY to get with the medication person on time for their doses.

Thank you for your attention to this. We look forward to a great trip.

Erin E. Kaven


Leon High School

(850) 617-5701