THEATRE STUDENTS: If you are unable to attend one of the 2 performances of TRACKS, you will need to turn in an alternative assignment before NOVEMBER 15th. Click the red button and find your appropriate ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT.

Tracks by Peter Tarsi is our Student Directed One-Act. Produced entirely by our Advanced Theatre 4 Honors Class. Student Directed by Sebastian Hill & John Malley. Sebastian chose this play to do his Director’s Notebook final project for Theatre 3. His unique vision and plans for this play were a standout and made it an exciting choice for our fall one-act. We will also be taking this show to District 1’s One-Act Festival November 7-9th. All of the costume choices, set design, make up, and props were also done by our Honors Theatre 4 Class. They have dedicated their first 9 weeks to this production.

Performances will be Friday & Saturday, November 1st & 2nd @ 7pm. IT IS FREE FOR ANYONE. Programs are available with a $5 donation to Leon Theatre! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING LEON THEATRE!

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